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The Steps to Owning a Trust Home... 
    Tour a Trust Home.
You can request a showing of any of our homes through our listing agent (indicated on the listing) or a Realtor of your choice. 
    Obtain a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage lender.
You'll have a conversation with a lender, and this letter will give you an idea of how much home you can afford.  Be prepared to talk about your income, expenses, and debts.  Your Realtor can help you through this process.  This is the first step to getting your mortgage to purchase the home, and you'll need it to make an offer.  You can work with any lender of your choice.  Some lenders are familiar with us, and may be able to help you access first-time homebuyer grants that could help lower your down payment and closing costs.  You or your Realtor can contact us for this info.
  Submit an offer to purchase the home.
Your Realtor will work with you to put together an offer, and will then present it to our Realtor.  Your offer should include a competed LVCLT pre-application and your pre-qualification letter.  You'll negotiate with LVCLT as you would with any other seller.  These negotiations will lead to a signed Agreement of Sale.  We'll also work on your income certification during this time.
   Work with us, your Realtor, and your lender to move toward closing.
You'll officially submit your mortgage application.  Once the bank determines that your financial situation is suitable, they'll give you what is known as a "conditional commitment" letter.  This letter will indicate steps that, if you complete, you'll be able to obtain your mortgage.  Your Realtor and LVCLT staff will work with you as needed.
  Learn more about homeownership and LVCLT.
As yopu work to move toward closing, you can complete your First Time Home Buyer seminars.  They can be scheduled free of charge through our sister program Community Action Financial Services.  You'll also meet with LVCLT staff to learn more about Trust homeownership.
 Close on the home and become a homeowner!
Once you've finished all steps to obtain your mortgage and completed all informational sessions, the bank will give you what is known as a "clear to close."  This means you're all ready to purchase the home!  A specific closing date, time, and place will be set for you to sign paperwork, get the keys, and officially become a homeowner!