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What is Shared-Equity Homeownership?

The Trust uses a shared-equity homeownership model.  Trust Homes are sold for below market-rate prices because grants or donations are used to bring down the price.  In return for a reduced price on a home, Trust Homebuyers agree to limit the resale price of their home for future buyers.   On top of saving money now, Trust Homebuyers also get to recoup what they invest and realize a share of the home's increased value.  However, what makes a Trust Homeowner unique is the fact that they make sure to pass on a fair deal to the next buyer. 
How does this work?  Because the Trust holds the land in trust, a 99-year ground lease provides ownership of the home and exclusive rights to the land to the Trust Homeowner.  Within this ground lease is a resale formula.  When a Trust Homeowner decides to sell their home, they use this resale formula to figure out the price for the next buyer. This is what makes the Trust a community land trust - every Trust Homeowner agrees to pass the benefit of affordability on to the next homeowner. This is how the property remains affordable to future generations of homebuyers in the community.
For some, Trust Homes are the first step to homeownership. Later they may want to move on to market-rate homes.  For others, Trust Homes--and the community support that they bring--are the preferred way to own a home.