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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trust home?
A Trust home is a home that remains attainable generation after generation. When you purchase a Trust Home, you get an unbeatable bargain and a beautiful, well-maintained home. When you sell a Trust Home, you recoup what you’ve invested and claim a portion of the home’s increased value. Since your home is a Trust Home, you agree to keep it attainable for the next homeowner. You get a fair deal and another family gets to fulfill their dream of homeownership.
How do I own a Trust Home?
Ownership of a Trust Home is provided to you once you acquire a mortgage from a bank and enter into a 99-year lease agreement with the Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust. As the homeowner, you purchase the physical home itself.  The Trust keeps title to the land under the home, but the 99-year lease provides you exclusive rights to use the land.  This gives you the security of conventional homeownership, the extra support of the Trust, and keeps the home affordable for the next prospective homebuyer.  The purchase of a Trust home works like a standard real estate purchase.
What makes a Trust Home so affordable?
In a normal home purchase, you pay for both the cost of the home and the land.  In a Trust home purchase, you only buy the home.  This discount is passed on from generation to generation.
Why is the land preserved in the Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust?
Everyone gets a lower purchase price—not just this generation of homebuyers. A community land trust is the best way to preserve affordable homeownership opportunities for future generations. The Trust is bound by its mission and its bylaws to keep homeownership affordable. This ensures that future generations receive the same kind of opportunities that you receive whenever you purchased your Trust Home. 
Can my family inherit the home?
Absolutely. Anyone that has lived in your home for at least a year and/or your children can inherit the home. Other people can also inherit the home. If they aren’t income-eligible, they can sell the home in the same way that you can sell the home.
How do I know the Trust is acting in the interest of homeowners?
Homeowners are invited and encouraged to join the Trust's Board of Directors.  The ground lease also restricts the Trust from doing things that may not be in the interests of homeowners.